About Marissa

My name's Marissa Devore and I am 20 years old. I am a virgo born in September. I love edm. (electronic dance music) I also love makeup so I do/sell cosmetics for a living at the Estee Lauder counter in Belk. I also go to Georgia Gwinnett College and I am a Media Entertainment Arts Major

Favorite Movies

I am a big fan of movies. I enjoy watching netflix in bed and going to watch movies at the theater with my friends. Here are some that I recommend.


This is one of my favorite movies because of the cute animations and the beautiful story line I also just love princess movies.

  1. Frozen
  2. Stepbrothers
  3. Castaway

Favorite Pictures

My Schedule this semester

My Schedule
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11:00-11:50 AM History HistoryHistory
12:30-1:45 PM iTechiTechiTech
3:30-4:45 PM ReligionReligionReligion